My name is Roman, and three of my passions are hiking, photography, and blogging. The first one is a recent one but has quickly become almost an obsession, so there are already lots of hike reports to see on my blog Roman Hikes.

Since the purpose of those reports is to provide an accurate representation of the hiking routes in question, they contain many less-than-stunning photos, of course.

My absolute favorite photos meanwhile, (not only of hikes) are featured on this portfolio site to showcase what I consider to be my best work, as well as to provide an easy way to both view and/or order those photographs as either digital downloads or physical art prints.

One purpose of this about section is to introduce my philosophy on- and goal for my photography:


The goal of my photography is to document. Landscapes, events, objects, people, emotions, whatever the subject may be, I want to capture and share these moments and experiences.

I consider a photograph a success if it accurately depicts the subject or scene as seen in real life.

As such, I do not make use of any filters, or edit photos in unrealistic ways, such as oversaturating them or bathing them in a warmer light that simply wasn’t there when I took the picture. If a photo needs to be adjusted to better reflect the actual impression and mood of the moment, then I make those adjustments, but the goal is always a realistic depiction. The occasional artistic exception may apply, such as when playing with shadows.

Licensing and services

Should you wish to use my images for commercial or public purposes, please contact me to discuss details.

I am not currently actively offering photography services as a business, but I am open to working events in Switzerland, upon inquiry.